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Elmo-Live Elmo's World

Elmos World is a fun and happy place where children play.

Elmo has been a loving friend to a lot of children for some time now. Over time Elmo has grown and learned to talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, hug and a lot more.

Elmo can entertain a child through different stages of the child's development anywhere from 18 months upward. Elmo's teaching has evolved into other items like DVDs, Potty Training Toys, Safety Comforts like the Elmo Flashlight and much more.

Elmo can help your child have fun learning their Alphabet with the Elmo Alphabet Bus.

Your child may be such an Elmo fan that they want to get an Elmo Red Face Sesame Street T-shirt.

If your child is very young and new to Elmo you may want to consider Tickle Time Elmo. Your child will be able to squeeze Elmo's tummy or press his feet and hear his laughing noises and funny phrases. Tickle Time Elmo laughs and shakes harder the faster he is tickled.

Which Elmo Toy From Elmo's World is the one for your child?

Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Jumbo Plush

Your child will love having Sesame Street's Elmo Jumbo plush character to play with and hug.
Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo

Made of soft materials and easy to clean, this cute plush toy is the perfect little pal for your child.

It's adorably oversized for all the squeezing, cubbling and hugging that little hands will want to do with it.

This bright red Elmo hug toy is 20 inches tall and made of super-soft plush material that's comfortable enough to sleep with all night long.

Whether you keep him in the play room or bedroom, his big eyes and warm-hearted smile bring a sense of joy to any setting and any child.

Manufacturer suggested age: 18 months and up.

Care instructions: Machine Wash in Pillowcase.

Color: Red

Great cuddly gift for a child.

Available online at: and

Talking ABC Elmo Doll
Playskool Friends Sesame Street Talking, Singing ABC Elmo Doll for children 18 months to 4 years.

Exploring the alphabet is so much fun with the Playskool Friends Sesame Street Talking, Singing ABC Elmo Doll! Just press his tummy for fun phrases or to hear him sing the alphabet song and see your child giggle and smile.

Talking ABC Elmo is recommended for ages over 18 months to 4 years.

Requires 2 "AA" batteries (demo batteries included).

Product Weight: .410 lbs.

Child Educational Focus: Letters and Numbers

Elmo's sweater is not removable. After about a minute of not playing with ABC Elmo he says "see you later".


Available online at:  and

Playskool Friends Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo Doll
Playskool Freinds Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo Child's cuddly, loveable doll.

Little ones can start laughing by pressing Elmo's tummy or squeezing his feet to hear Elmo's hysterical laugh. First they will hear Elmo's contagious giggle and then when they continue to squeeze and "tickle" Elmo, he laughs harder and harder until he starts to move and shake.

Children can't help but giggle themselves when they hear Tickle Me Elmo's funny sayings and hysterical laughing sounds.

The Tickle Me Elmo Doll is as cuddly, silly and loveable as ever. He's funny. He's furry. Your child won't want to put this giggle monster down.

Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 18 Months and Up.

Child educational focus: Social Skills

Great gift for child's Birthday or Christmas.


Available online at:  and

Big Hugs Elmo
Big Elmo Hugs

This year Elmo has learned to Hug and does a lot more than the Tickle Me Elmo.

He's bigger, he talks, he sings and makes a lot of movements. He is especially fun and lovable when he goes to sleep. He first sings a goodnight lullaby, then says goodnight and snores for a minute or so before quieting down until you wake him by pressing his left foot. What a hoot. You child will love to lay down beside him and take a nap also.

When he is awake he loves to hug. When you hug him he hugs back and talks. He has a 'hugging' song he sings.

Adults will love the fact that he speaks at a normal volume and his voice is not irritating.

Your child can pretend with the Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo. There are 4 fun imagination scenarios: rabbits, astronauts, horses and frogs.

And, they can sing along with Elmo as he sings 3 fun songs.

This hugging Elmo toy just loves to hug, talk, sing and dance with your child.

Takes 4 AA batteries which are not included and some customers have said are a little hard to put in. There doesn't seem to be any reports on how long they will last.

The other thing to note is that Big Hugs Elmo is more a toy and not a soft cuddly teddy bear, but he does so much more than a cuddly soft bear does.

Recommended Ages: 18 months and up

Available online at: and

Let's Rock Elmo
Sesame Street Rock Elmo

This year Elmo has his tambourine, microphone and drum set. He sings six rockin's songs so your child can grab an instrument and join Elmo's band.

Elmo also interacts with other Let's Rock instruments which are sold separately. He is dressed in his own concert-style t-shirt. He can tell when your child is playing the Let's Rock Elmo Guitar, Cookie Monster Keyboard or Grover Microphone(all sold separately) and he plays along with them.

His iinsturments are perfectly sized for little hands to beat on the drums, pretend to sing into the microphone or shake the tambourine.

His songs are:

  • Elmo's gonna rock. YEAH!
  • What Elmo Likes About You
  • It Takes Two
  • Elmo's World
  • Rock 'n Roll Alphabet Song
  • Sing Out

Recommended Ages: 18 months and up

Available online at:

 Elmo Live Toy

Elmo Live Toy

Elmo Live can do a wide variety of things to entertain your child while they grow.

While Elmo is talking, singing and telling stories his mouth and head move, he  makes gestures with his arms and his legs move. Elmo will even cross his legs  when he sits on his stool that is included. His bright red exterior and his big  eyes which is characteristic of the very popular Sesame Street character will  make everyone around Elmo smile.

He starts his interaction when you press his buttons. If you want him to sit on  his stool and tell you a story, just press his foot. He dances when you squeeze  his hand.

He is just filled with love and shows it by blowing you kisses, tells you he loves  you and will ask you to give him a hug and then will tell you "thank you" for the  hug. Elmo leads your child into interaction with him which creates a "magical  experience" for them.

Recommended Ages: 18 months to 6 years

Available online at:

Sesame Street Many Kisses Elmo
Many Kisses Elmo

This Elmo will give your child kisses and doesn't even mind if they kiss him back. He is soft, cuddly, durable and can be cleanedwith just a damp cloth. He is the perfect size for your toddler.

When his hand is pushed he has several responses, so you always get a surprise. Like all Elmos he is very loving and positive.

A nice thing is he can be turned off at bedtime.

Your child will love this Elmo for months to come and will hardly put him down. You might want to get a backup.

Recommended age group: 18 months and up.

Purchase at:

Elmo Puppets

Sesame Street Full Body Elmo Hand Puppet in RedElmo Plush Full Body Hand Puppet has a silly orange nose and silky soft red fur. His movable parts are his two arms and mouth.

Use Elmo Puppets to make your baby smile and tickle your little ones. Your children will love using the puppets to talk to each other.

This Elmo plush toy stands 15" tall and encourages creativity through pretent play. Will help your child develop fine motor skills. If your child is too young to play independantly with the puppet you can bring lots of smiles and giggles to their faces when you bring Elmo out to play with them.

If you are one who has occasion to visit children in the hospital then Elmo Puppets from Elmo's World are good carry alongs to make them smile.

Available online at: and


Fisher Price Elmo Has Been Around For a Long Time!

The lovable furry red monster Elmo made his debut television appearance in November, 1985. Since that time he has become the childhood friend of every toddler and even the parents. Today Elmo is a pop icom that is popular worldwide.

The Elmo doll became really huge when the Tickle Me Elmo version was introduced in 1996. Since that time many Fisher Price Elmo dolls have become the must have Christmas gift for many children.

Original Tickle Me Elmo

Not even Fisher Price expected the impact that the original Tickle Me Elmo toy would have on the toy industry. Parents were having a hard time getting their hands on one of the popular dolls. There is even a magazine article that reports that during a 300 person stampede by customers attempting to purchase Elmo a Wal-Mart employee was hurt with multiple injuries.

Even though the list price at that time for Tickle Me Elmo was only $28.99, because of the scaricity some people were paying up to $1,500 for the doll.

Other Tickle Me Toys

The next year Fisher Price launched Tickel Me Ernie, Tickle Me Big Bird and Tickle Me Cookie Monster, none of which came anywhere close to the popularity of Tickle Me Elmo.

These Original Tickle Me Elmo dolls are actually considered valuable colletors items. Sometimes you can pick one up at a fairly decent price at

Tickle Me Elmo TMX
tmx elmo

On the 10th Anniversary of Tickle Me Elmo, Fisher Price came out with Tickle Me Elmo TMX (Tickle Me Elmo Extreme). This version of Elmo delights your child even more. When his sensitive tickle spots (chin, tummy and toe) are touched, he will fall to the floor, role on to his stomach and pound his fists on the ground, thereby providing more entertainment for you and your child. The amazing thing is that he can even stand up on his own after he has finished with his laughter.

The Tickle Me Elmo 10th Anniversary version is still very popular and you can get some good deals on it at

The TMX Elmo is a classic collector's item. Even adults love to watch him do his stuff.

If you have a child that really needs to have many good laughs then this Tickle Me Elmo will provide that pleasure for years to come.

Elmo Live

The Elmo Live Toy was released in Oct., 2008 and is the most technologically advanced Elmo doll. Elmo Live can tell stories and jokes, dance, sing, cross his legs, rap, blow kisses, wave his arms, sneeze, say "Thank You" and a lot more.

Elmo Live does not just speak phrases, he actually interacts with your child. For instance, he will ask for a hug and then will give a "Thank You" as if your child has actually hugged him.

When Elmo falls over he will ask that you help him back up and then when he is upright again will say "Thank You". This type of interaction is a lot of giggles and fun for your child.

Elmo Doll

This is not a toy that your child will lose interest in before Christmas morning is over. There will be giggles and smiles for months to come. Everyone in the family will enjoy watching your child's happiness as they play with their new playmate Elmo.


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