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Elmo Kids Toy Cell Phone If you child loves playing with your cell phone then get them one of their own that they will love because it comes from Elmo.

And mom and dad will love it because it has a sound volume that is normal and quite bearable.

Different pictures of Sesame Street friends are displayed when they slide it up and down.

Once you slide the phone up a call is made to a Sesame Street Character. If you child is a Sesame Street character fan then they will love this cell phone toy.

Includes 2 "AAA" batteries.

This one makes a great little stocking stuffer and is great all year roung for kids who are attracted to mom's cell phone.

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Give your children or grandchildren the fun of an Elmo Cell Phone. Visit to find the Elmo Cell Phone Toy. It is a good Christmas or Birthday present for other children as well. Just one of the many fun things in Elmos World.


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