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Elmo-Live Elmo's Alphabet Bus

Elmo's Alphabet Bus

The Fisher-Price Sesame Street Elmo's Alphabet Bus is great for kids to learn colors, first words and their alphabet.

Elmo acts as the MC and Ernie is responsible for words and letters. Cookie takes care of all the colors.

One function of the Fisher Price School Bus is where Ernie says a word and then the child has to press the letter that the word starts with.

It's wheels actually work and they can have fun just driving it around as a toy.

You will find your child dancing while the bus sings the alphabet. Not only does it give you the letter of the alphabet but it tells them words that begin with that letter.

Some parents think that it is a little loud (but not annoying) and unfortunately it has no volume control.

The Elmos Alphabet Bus is just one of the many fun things for your child in Elmo's World.

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If you have mulitple children the Elmo Alphabet Bus will be used for years as they all grow. Visit to find the Alphabet Bus today. It is a great Christmas or Birthday present for other children as well.

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